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Where to find HPB book Healthy Start for your Kid?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Where to find the HPB books on Healthy Start for your Kid ?

This post is about where to find the really useful books (but hard to find) from HPB (Health Promotion Board) which provides parents very useful guides on pregnancy, newborn, kids and the healthbooklet. Provided are the Links and the Table of Contents for easy reference.

HPB Healthy Start for your Kid.

this HPB guide provides a guide to key and essential health information and practical tips to raise a child from 0 to 24 months

This guide also include a journal.

(TOC) Table Of Content

  1. Set a Healthy Example Children see children do

  2. Active Living Raising healthy kids

  3. Myopia Prevention Healthy eyes clear vision

  4. Oral Health Help your child smile for life

  5. Mental Well-Being

  6. Bring him up – raising a resilient child

  7. Child Safety growing up safe

  8. Infectious Disease Prevention Keep germs away

  9. Sexuality Education Mum, Dad where do i come from ?

  10. Smoke-Free Environment

  11. A smoke free environment for a healthier family

  12. Alcohol Education Alcohol alert

  13. Healthy Living in Child Care Centres Growing up healthily in a child care centre

  14. School Health and Dental Services Entering primary school – growing up healthily in school

  15. Screening and Early detection Is my child developing normally ?

  16. Services, Support Groups and Helplines Where to get help

  17. Books from National Library Board (NLB) Books for your growing child

  18. Survey

Download Links Here

Useful Information for Children Mental Health and Self Image

For information on Children Mental Health and how to help them.

  1. Discover more about the yourself (Teens), thru the Find Your Inner Awesome site.

  2. For Colors of the Mind for children between the age of 6-12, this site would be applicable to help understand how a child, thinks, feels or behaves.

  3. for information about children dental services, click here

Credits & Related

Credits: HPB (Health Promotion Board) Credits: HealthHub Singapore National Health Portal

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