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HealthHub Singapore New & Popular Features

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The HealthHub Singapore Timeline & Popular Features

This article traces and tracks the evolution of healthhub during its evolution from its roots to its current status and provides a summary of its most popular programs and services. HealthHub is Singapore 1st National Health Portal with the aim, of serving the citizens of Singapore with online content and e-services to improve the e-services the Government offers thru MOH (Ministry of Health), as part of the Smart Nation initiative.

HealthHub was launched on 18th Oct 2015, and contain localized and citizen content help such as

  1. Authoritative content on conditions

  2. Online Content on a wide range of lifestyle topics, such as healthy eating, and drinking.

  3. Key focus areas and campaign area such as programs and campaigns

  4. A directory of medical and lifestyle related locations in Singapore

  5. Health related News

  6. Health Event related News

  7. eServices for your personal health such as medical appointments, lab results

  8. eServices for your family such as immunization, dental results

  9. Deals such as dining, shopping for healthy lifestyle choices.

New Features & Awards Timeline

  1. Whats coming next ?

  2. Dec 2017: HealthHub releases a new design and a new appointments module. The major section of the content still look the same a re-design of the background and the finally there is the implementation of the slider. The myhealth section with the e-services is now on the front page and clearer with the e-services up front.

  3. For example under personal health there is Appointments, lab test results, discharge summaries and Vitals

  4. In the childrens health section, there is the growth charts, development milestones, school health assessment summary, immunisation

  5. and in the family + friends health, there is the caregiver access.

Healthhub 2018

  1. Apr 2017: HealthHub releases new functionality .  The new features are Childrens Health (providing information about children Immunisation, & Developmental Milestones), Financial Consent (Your digital consent to enable the Singapore Government to access you records) and Patient Medication List (Online Medication Reminder system) and Track (a Digital Health Application to build Healthy Habits).

  2. Jan 2017: HealthHub featured in Global Health Portals comparison. This whitepaper compares 6 award winning Global Health Portals (HealthHub, Sundhed, NHS Choices, 1177, WeDoctor (Formerly GuaHao), WebMD), on 3 benchmarks which are inforation & Service Offerings, System Quality and & Marketing Efforts.

  3. Dec 2016: New release adds 2 new content types (Medications, Health Statistics) & Deals Viewing (available on Web Site), to improve the type of information accessible by the public.

  4. Dec 2016: HealthHub wins ASEAN TELMIN Gold Award in Public Sector Category from AICTA.

  5. Oct 2016: Caregiver Module is released. This module will help the public care for the elderly by improving access to medical information online.

  6. Oct 2016: HealthHub wins 3 Global Awards from Frost and Sullivan, which demonstrates the global capabilities of the portal when benchmarked against other global portals.

  7. Jun 2016: CAPAM Semi-Finalist – Citizen Focused Innovation from the public sector.

  8. Apr 2016: Quarterly Release Quiz and eServices enhancements. This release provides fun Quizzes to help with understand sometimes hard to understand health topics.

  9. Feb 2016: Mobi-ex Awards 3 Awards. This award demonstrates the excellence of the marketing done to promote the website.

  10. Jan 2016: Minor Improvements

  11. Nov 2015: How it was built. This article discusses the efforts done to envision, build and release the healthhub portal.

  12. Oct 2015: Official Public Launch at Jurong Singapore

  13. Jan 2014: Soft Launch

  14. Jan 2013: Idea conceived to deliver a national health project to the people.

HealthHub Popular Features, Programs & Resources

In this section, the content, provided on HealthHub is extremely comprehensive, and covers a myriad of topics including to promote health literacy and healthy living in the various section of HealthHub such as the Programm, News, Events, e-Services, Directories etc.

Here are some of the most popular sections below

Popular Programmes

Are you aware that there are between 200 to 400 programs, events, campaigns going on in Singapore at any given month ? There are a large number of them which are free, ranging from cooking lessons, to better supermarket shopping, to yoga in a park on Sunday.

Highlighted below are some of the key campaigns

Caregiver Service

The Caregiver service is a new service launched in Oct 2016, that enables users to access the medical records of the loved ones thru HealthHub. Thus empowering caregiver to provide better care by giving online access for instant access.

National Step Challenge Campaign

About the hugely successful HPB National Step Challenge and Tips to optimize your participation, I myself am a participant and have maxed out my steps in the campaign. 🙂

  1. How to get a FREE NSC HPB Tracker

  2. Where to fix or repair the HPB NSC Step Tracker

  3. Fitbit vs NSC 365 Step Tracker Review

  4. How to win Points in the NSC

  5. The Home page for the National Step Challenge

  6. The National Step Challenge FAQ.

Eat, Drink Healthy campaign

The most popular links to the Eat, Drink Health Campaign. I didnt win anything in the siew tai campaign, 🙁

  1. The Drink Healthy Homepage

  2. The Get Healthy Homepage

Diabetes  Resource Home Page

  1. This page is consolidation of all the useful Diabetes information in one place for convenience.

Quit Smoking Resource Home Page

  1. This page is a resource for all the useful information on how to quit smoking in one place.

Healthy Aging Campaign

This section is for the popular links for the elderly, which addresses common afflictions such as dementia, falls, healthy eating etc.

  1. Nutrition information for the elderly

  2. Advice on how to reduce the risks of Dementia 

  3. An authoritative guide to aging well.

  4. Useful information on the practice of good hygiene to help prevent infection, which may help prevent the elderly from falling sick.

  5. The recommended Health Screening and immunizations for your family by age, gender.

  6. Exercise recommended for the healthy aging.

Calculator Tools

These calculator are useful tools, to manage your health, and are localized.

  1. The HPB BMI Calculator, which is optimized for Asians.

  2. The HPB Calorie Calculator, which is localized

Popular Directory Services

HealthHub Singapore, has a wide directory list of healthcare and healthy lifestyle facilities available around the island. This allows the user to locate the medical, facility such as polyclinics, and even parks in Singapore.

Its quite amazing to know that there are hundreds of sports facilities in Singapore.

How to use the directory services in HealthHub.

  1. How to find Gyms, Parks, Healthier Eateries in the Directory Services

  2. How to find medical professional in HealthHub Directory Services such as Doctors, Nurses, Optometrist & Opticians, Pharmacist and Doctors and medical locations such as Clinics, Eldercare, Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmacies in the Directory Services

  3. Search the HealthHub Directory


Some useful information about how to sign up for HealthHub Membership, where you can get up to 500 points for signing up.

  1. How to sign up to HealthHub Membership.

  2. Go to the HealthHub Membership Page

Popular e-Services

Some useful information about how to use the HealthHub e-Services to retrieve medical records online for you and your family.

To access the e-Services, you will need to login via Singpass to access the your medical records and appointments as well as for your children. Some of the key features are the ability to add you children and to check on their medical appointments online.

At the moment, the appointments are viewing only, but in the future it should be updatable.

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