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Where to get/download the HealthHub Vaccination Certificate ?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Question : Travelling to another country from Singapore ? How to download the HealthHub Vaccination Certificate.

Answer : Use HealthHub to download the certificate by following the steps below.

Question : What if Trace Together is down ? Is there an alternative service to provide a vaccination record ?

Answer : There is an alternative, use HealthHub to provide evidence of vaccination and it is with a pdf copy of the vaccination record / certificate.

How do we access HealthHub Covid-19 Vaccination Record ?

Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : 1st Login to Singpass

using the Singpass App on your phone. the icon looks like this

Once you logged into Singpass successfully, you will be presented with a number of options such as

  1. CPF Digital Services

  2. HealthHub

  3. IRAS MyTax Portal

  4. My HDBPage

  5. MyCareers Future

  6. MyICA

  7. MySkills Future

  8. NS Portal

  9. PAC@GOV

See the screenshot of Singpass mainscreen below with the HealthHub Option on top Left.

Step 2 : Click on the HealthHub Option,

shown below on the main screen. A list of Health eServices will appear. They are

  1. Covid-19 Records

  2. Personal Health

  3. Children's Health

  4. Family & Friends Health

  5. Appointments

  6. Payments

  7. Medication Refill

  8. Admissions

See the screenshot of the HealthHub e-services screen with the COVID-19 Records function.

Step 3 : Click on Covid-19 Records

The Covid-19 Records Test section should appear.

  1. Vaccination Records

  2. Test Results

The Vaccination Records section will show your

  1. Vaccination Status

  2. Effective Date of Vaccination

  3. Which vaccine was used

  4. Date and Location of the 1st and 2nd Jab

See the screenshot below of the Vaccination Records Section with data on your Vaccination Record and the PDF link to generate a PDF copy of your vaccination Status.

Step 4 : Click on PDF to save a permanent copy of the Vaccination Record.

To save a permanent record of your Vaccination Record,

1. Click on the pdf

2, It will display a PDF version of the COVID-19 Vaccination Report

3. save it to your phone for a permanent record.

See the screenshot below of the PDF version of the Vaccination Record

The Test Results Section will show display the Test Results of Covid-19 test records And there you go. you now have a copy of your vaccination record, and another way to show your vaccination record.


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