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How to fill up the MySejahtera App for Travellors to Malaysia

If your going to Johor, you will need to fill in the Malaysia Vaccination application Mysejahtera App with your Vaccination Details.

This blog post describes how to do this.

How to fill in the form for MySejahtera (Travelers) to Johor, Malaysia From Singapore

1. Download the MySejatera App for IOS and Google Playstore here.

you can also find the MySejatera web page here.

2. Open the MySejatera App in your phone. iPhone Version shown below for reference.

Sign up for an account, i suggest signing up using the e-mail option.

3. Open the MySejahtera app and click on the Traveler Icon.

As a traveler to Malaysia, this is the icon that you will need to upload your vaccination certificate. The Traveler Icon is circled in the picture below.

4. Click on the Overseas Vaccination Details Menu. The option is shown on the IOS screenshot shown below

5. The next screen ask if you are reporting for yourself / your dependent, if your reporting for yourself, then select the "I am reporting for myself option" and click Next. See the screenshot below on the options.

6. The app will then ask for your details, Fill in the details accordingly.

I prefer to use the e-mail address option.

Shown below is the mobile number detail screen.

7. Next you will be asked for your "Which Dose needs to be updated"

Select the option that applies

8. The Next Screen will ask for the details of Vaccination.

The screenshot shows the "Booster Dose" Option.

if your from Singapore, you can download the digital vaccination certificate from HealthHub, for the information and to upload the screenshot later.

9. Next you will be asked to upload your Vaccination Card.

Once again you can down load your vaccination shot information from HealthHub and upload it to here

10. Once the vaccination information has been uploaded, you will see the following response from the app. "The uploaded vaccination details will be updated verification and this process will take approximately 5 working days."

11. Thats It. !

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