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Digital Health growth Breaks Historical Barrier with $3.9B of investment.

Digital Health Market Mid-Year Report 2016


According to Startup Health, in the 2016 mid-year report, funding broke historic records for mid year funding as investment reached $3.9B.  Digital Health as an industry seems to be accelerating at a furious pace, with investment into all kinds of Digital Health Such as EMR, Wearbales, Genomics Telemedicine, Wellness and even Pet Wellness.

Among the key sectors reported such as medical devices, patient, personalized health and wellness. the highest growth is in the personalized health sector.

The Top 3 Growth Sectors according to Startup Health

  1. $958B Patient / Consumer Experience

  2. $854M Wellness

  3. $524M Personalized Health

2016 Mid-Year Report by Startup Health Insight below.

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