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River of Liquid Melting Gold Raclette Cheese | Wine Connection Cheese Bar

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Where to find the incredible melting raclette cheese ?

What is a racklette cheese ?

The cheese is from France and is known as the Fromage a Racklette is a semi hard cow milk cheese, that is used for melting dishes in Swiss dishes.

How is served ?

The racklette cheese melt is served with heater, cold cuts of meat potatoes and a salad.

How does it taste ?

The melting cheese is just awesome and when the cheese is hot and and placed on the cold cuts, it is just awesome. 🙂

The cool factor is very high !!!

Watch the Video of the melting cheese here


Wine Connection Cheese Bar @ Robertson Walk

11 Unity Street, #01-05 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995Phone: (+65) 6238 1279

Website : Wine Connection


  1. Which is your favorite and have you tried it ?


  1. Wine Connection


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