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Where to get HPB Step Tracker Band for FREE ?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Where to get HPB Step Tracker Band for FREE ?

How to get the HPB (Health Promotion Board) Step Tracker Band for FREE ? (It looks like a watch), Over the weekend, My family decided to get the tracker, because it seemed like a lot of fun.

In NSC 2, you get a chance to win over $75,000 prizes !.

Free Step Tracker Eligibility

Only if you are a new user. Unfortunately.

Point System & Rewards

You can earn up to 10,000 points a day, which is similar to Season 1 showb below.

In addition, there will be monthly thematic challenges.

Integration with Apple iPhone and Fitbit

Finally, the NSC can integrate with Fitbit, Do I hear I big yahoo ! heh.

NSC Season 1

In Season 1, Here is a video of Sports Stadium Today where there was a 3 hour queue. I was told that a family of 8 turned up at 8 am !. Wow !

There was 1.5 hour queue in Tampines for this at the Healthy Lifestyle Festival

Remember that exercise is just part of the overall health package. Dont believe it ? read this Get FAT, and ruin your 10,000 steps exercise by eating just this food.

Season #1 Point System

This is sooo popular, just thought I would put down the information here, for easy reference, for anyone to get a fitness tracker.


Is the National Step Challenge Digital Health ?

The National Step Challenge is an effort by the Singapore Government to Where the technology and health have converged to provide a new wave of consumer wearables, that drive health and fitness in the well and the at risk segments of the population.

Question : Where do I get the Healthy 365 Tracker Band ?

See the schedule for the Roadshow Link Here, where you can get your Healthy 365 app and take part in the National Step Challenge with the free Tracker (Singaporeans Only).

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Watch the Video on the National Step Challenge below

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