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Where to find HPB book Healthy Start for your Baby ?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This post is about where to find the really useful books (but hard to find) from HPB (Health Promotion Board) which provides parents very useful guides on pregnancy, newborn, kids and the healthbooklet. Provided are the Links and the Table of Contents for easy reference.

HPB Healthy Start for your Baby.

HPB Guides are very informative and can provide guidance with useful information and  practical tips to nurture the health and the well-being of your baby.

It is easy to read and use. Sections, and there is a journal for your and your baby’s childhood memories.

(TOC) Table Of Content


  1. After Birth Baby’s here! What’s next?

  2. Dealing with Changes Baby’s home

  3. Nutrition for Your Baby Nature’s best food – breast milk

  4. Care of Your Newborn To have and to hold

  5. Rest and Relax Time to unwind

  6. Problems and Conditions Common infant problems and conditions

  7. Immunizations Inject to protect

  8. Your Baby’s Growth and Development Help your baby develop

  9. Safety First for Your Baby Up and about safely

  10. Oral Hygiene Smile a little smile

  11. Going Back to Work Mummy’s off to work!

 6-12 MONTHS

  1. Nutrition for Your Baby Getting ready for solids

  2. Allergies When allergies occur

  3. Play-based Activities for You and Your Baby Let’s play, Mummy!

  4. Safety First for Your Baby Safe home for your baby

  5. Social and Emotional Skills Your baby needs soft skills too

12-24 MONTHS

  1. Nutrition for Your Toddler Nutrition after the first year

  2. Physical Activities for Your Toddler Let’s go, Mummy!

  3. Safety First for Your Toddler Keeping your child safe

  4. Alternative Child Care Arrangement Placing your child in a child care centre

  5. Hygiene Washy washy clean

  6. Coping with Your 2 Year-old When a firm hand is needed


  1. Daddy, You are Important Daddy dearest

  2. Raising Healthy and Happy Children Creating a happy home


  1. Services, Support Groups and Helplines Where to get help

  2. Books from National Library Board (NLB)Read a book a day to your child

  3. Survey Making it better

  4. The First Two Years

Download Links Here

HPB Healthy Start for you pregnancy guidebook on HealthHub. HPB Healthy Start for you Baby guidebook on HealthHub. HPB Healthy Start for you Kid guidebook on HealthHub HPB Healthy Start for you HealthBooklet guidebook on HealthHub Here

Useful Information for Children Mental Health and Self Image

For information on Children Mental Health and how to help them.

  1. Discover more about the yourself (Teens), thru the Find Your Inner Awesome site.

  2. For Colours of the Mind for children between the age of 6-12, this site would be applicable to help understand how a child, thinks, feels or behaves.

  3. for information about children dental services, click here

  4. for information about how to use child immuization services on HealthHub

Credits & Related

Credits: HPB (Health Promotion Board) Credits: HealthHub Singapore National Health Portal

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