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Unusual | Rainbow Cheese Toast | Eqicurious Cafe | UE Square

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Where can you find Rainbow Cheese Toast a.ka. Unicorn Toasties in Singapore ?

Unusual looking rainbow cheese toast

What is a rainbow cheese toast ?

The original rainbow cheese toast started from Specialist Kala Toast which is located in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. This very picturesque dish has 4 colors of cheese. Each colour of cheese has a flavour.

What is the rainow cheese toast made off ?

According to the Epicurious Cafe, the Rainbow cheese is coloured with mainly real food such as red cabbage (violet), carrot (orange), spinach (green) and beetroot (pink), and a tiny bit of food coloring.

How does it taste ?

It tasted pretty much like a cheese toast. except for the faintly different taste, which I guess was the lavender, basil and tomato flavoring for the colour.

The cool factor is pretty high !!!

Watch the Video of the Rainbow Cheese Toast being opened below


Epicurious Cafe @ Singapore

Address: #01-13 UE Square Shopping Mall,

81 Clemenceau Avenue Singapore, 239917

Phone: 6734 7720


  1. Which is your favorite and have you tried it ?


  1. Epicurious Cafe


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