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The last Flaming Russian Coffee at Shashlik

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Shashlik the restaurant know for its borsch, steak and meat on skewers, and its famous Russian Coffee has closed as of 30th Nov 2015 at the Far East Shopping Centre location. this Video records the famous now extinct Russian Coffee, which is spectacular and savory and just fun to watch.

The video on the flaming Russian Coffee Here

Watch how they heat up the glass in preperation, then pour in the vodka, tia maria, burn them flambe, then the coffee and finally ultra thick cream that resembles butter that floats on moat of fragrant black coffee. MMMMMM !


The staff used to work for a restaurant called Troika, but could had difficulty finding work, so they pooled their resources together and founded this place over 30 years ago, in Bras Basah.

the eatery is famous for its stern faced elderly hainanese employees have been working there for over 30 years, and some of them passed on already.

When they announced the closure, they where hoping for investors to invest in the business, they would be able to get the recipes and hopefully turn it around however, there is no news on this at this point.

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