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The Digital Health Benefits of Pokemon Go & Go Plus

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The Digital Health Benefits of Pokemon Go & Go Plus

One of the unexpected benefits of playing Pokemon Go, the world wide #1 hit in the apple store, is that it clearly gets people to get up and go. Therefore it helps to encourage increased physical activity and improves mental health which is mirrors physical activity challenges like the National Step Challenge and gets the participant plenty of out door sunshine, which is great for mental health.

In addition Pokemon Go has been described as great for social interactions, the perfect dating app and there is the wearable companion device know as the Pokemon Go Plus which is supposed to help you stay in touch with your pokemon and the events without having to be glued to the screen.

This sounds like fun, way to Health, by adding up steps to you Fitbit count.

“I think this is a wonderful demonstration of the unintentional but beneficial consequences of gaming and producing a game that encourages healthy exercise,” Grohol, an expert on online behavior and mental health, writes in a blog post.

Is this the start of the 4th Wave of Digital Health ?

A short history of Digital Health here, could this be the start of a new wave ?

  1. Wave 0 : Basic EHR (Electronic Health Records)

  2. Wave 1 : Health Informatics (Distributed Processing)

  3. Wave 2 : Consumer Wearables (Personalized Health Tracking)

  4. Wave 3 : Augmented Reality with Pokemon Go like Activity ?

Pokemon Go Pikachu

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