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TCM Weight Loss-Day 2&3 – Octopus Wrestling

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

M. is now into Day 2 and 3.

She has gone for her cupping and she looks like she had a run-in with the octopus in a wrestling ring.

The food so far Breakfast 2x hard Boiled Eggs Lunch Roasted Chicken and Salad Dinner Left overs Chicken and Slaad

Dinner today BBQ with wagyu beef and salads

Day 1 Recaps :

Background & Inspiration She has decided to use the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) using cupping. Which requires a strict regiment of food for this.

  1. Her Vital Stats Weight 44.7 Kg Body Fat 24 Waist 67.5 cm Upper Hip 80 cm

Photo Credit : (M. Phone)

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