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TCM based Weight Loss – For Wedding Day Brilliance ! Day 1

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Now this should be interesting,

A very excited friend M is embarking out to lose fat to shine for her wedding day. ! This sounds exciting and she has kindly given her permission to blog this.

Aaaaand today is the start of the her journey !

The Background & Inspiration She has decided to use the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) using cupping. Which requires a strict regiment of food for this.

  1. Her Vital Stats Weight 44.7 Kg Body Fat 24 Waist 69 cm Upper Hip 80 cm

I can see why that’s important to her. Good Luck Cheers ! as we follow her thru her journey

Photo Credit : Magazine Pic (M. Phone)

Photo Credit : Waist Pic (Dex Phone)

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