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Smith Marine | Seafood Kelong | Pulau Ubin | Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Review of the Smith Marine Seafood Kelong off the Coast of Singapore near Pulau Ubin

The Smith Marine seafood kelong of the coast of Singapore near Pulau Ubin is the only place in Singapore that does this business. Apparently the AVA granted them the license after 4 years of discussion. and the finally got approval for it. the aquaculture farm was built in 2006 and breeds fresh seafood such as garoupa, mussels, lobsters and sea bass. The cooks are excellent and it is surprising how good regular food like the pepper beef and the belachan kang kong can be.

Quiz How do get to Smith Marine Kelong ?

a. Swim There

b. Ski There

c. Take the bumboat

d None of the above

e. all of the above

answer is c.

How to get to the Smith Marine Seafood Kelong ?

You have to call Jessie, the phone number is below. and block your slot, and they will book the bum boat for you to get there from the Changi Ferry Terminal, the cost is $100 per bum boat ride return.

Videos Here

Fabulous Black Pepper Beef Video

Spicy and delicious Sambal Kang Kong Video

Hong Kong Style Garoupa Video

Dining Hall Video

Smith Marine Kelong Exterior View Video

Bum boat arriving at Smith Marine Kelong Video

Where is Smith Marine Kelong ?


Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant: Pulau Ubin Coastal Area, GPS : 01’23’52″N 103’57’42″E | Tel: 9792 7609 (Jessie)

Google Map

Smith Marine Floating Seafood Restaurant

Changi Ferry Terminal Terminal

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