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Is the Fitbit Tracker better then the HPB Healthy 365 Tracker ?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In this review, we find out how the Fitbit compares with Healthy365 tracking bands. Read on for the details …

I have been a fitness tracker fan since feb of 2015 and i lost over 12 kg with this method.

Its just been absolutely wonderful to be lightweight and to be fit again. The goal is to take 10,000 steps a day. Very simple challenge.

Now, in the world of fitness trackers, we now have a new formidable entrant in the form of the Healthy365, developed by the HPB (Health Promotion Board)

Just got my new National Step Challenge Tracker Band, and I brought it out for a spin today. and here is the Info-graphic and the Detailed comparison table further down.

Here is a video of both fitness trackers.

Is the Fitbit better then the Healthy 365 fitness tracker ? You decide

After testing it, my conclusion is simple, healthy365 app and the fitbit are both excellent packages.

The Healthy365, tracker is keep it simple for the majority and it works well. And you do need this to participate in the National Step Challenge here

Find out how to win up to $10,280 in Cash or Prizes here with the NSC

In summary, I would recommend that Healthy365 app, because of the unbeatable value for $5/- to get fit !

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