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HPB gets in on Pokemon Go & It doubles my steps to 19,000/day

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Health Promotion Board gets in on Pokemon Go with Poke Tips.

Today is day 2 of the release of Pokemon Go in Singapore and the Health Promotion Board has gotten in on the Pokemon Go Craze ! Get healthy, by catching them all, thus walking more, and eat healthy when lured to a nearby eatery. and join the HPB activities to complete the pokedex to discover more pokemon.

Here is the facebook post from HPB.

Can Pokemon Go make me Double my steps to 19,000 ?

The Pokemon Go game definitely makes you walk a lot more. Usually I do something like 9,000 steps during the typical 7 day week. However as you can see from my fitbit screen shot I did about 19,000 steps double my steps

Pokemon Go More exercise/Steps (Fitbit) Picture below

Doubled my steps on the 1st Day of the pokemon release

95 Pokemon Caught on Pokemon Go on Orchard Road in 2 Days

To achieve this on Pokemon Go, I had to catch 95 pokemon, wandering down the entire stretch of Orchard Road from Orchard Towers to Orchard Central and Back. I found only 1 Pidgeotto in from on the Marriot Hotel. He was hard to catch, the creature was large and the target was very small and it would only appear occasionally, which made him hard to catch.

Gotta Catch em all


If you know where the hard to find pokemon is, please help the rest of us in the comments section.



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