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How to use the Patient Medication List (PML) Feature in HealthHub

How to use the Patient Medication List (PML) Feature in HealthHub ?


This post is about how to use the Patient Medication List health feature found in Healthhub (Singapore), which is a recently released feature on HealthHub. This features provides the patient with information on the Medication he/she is taking such as

  1. Medication List

  2. Due Medications

  3. Medication Use Support

  4. Daily Schedule

Patient Medication List, Where to start ?

1st download the app, and go to the home screen. At the hamburger bar on the top left hand side.

If you are in the HealthHub MyHealth Website, then click on “MYHEALTH | PERSONAL HEALTH”

The screen below is the mobile HealthHub Screen.

HealtHHub Home Screen

The Patient Medication List Home Screen Section

Here is a screenshot of the Patient Medication List, which is in the middle of the screen, click on this to move the next step.

This is the home screen below of the Medication home screen.

How to use the Medication List Feature

Shown below is the latest medication which is by default shows the medications from your doctor, there is an additional feature to add in your own medications.

How to use the Due Medication Feature

In this screenshot below, you can see that the medication reminders are categorized into 3 sections, the overdue, the due and the medications that do not have any reminders.

How to use the Medication Report Use Report Feature ?

Here is a screenshot of the usage of the medication taken.

How to use the Daily Schedule ?

Here is where you set the daily schedule for the Medications

Enjoy !

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Credits & Related

Credits: HPB (Health Promotion Board) Credits: HealthHub Singapore National Health Portal

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