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How to use the Children’s Health Feature in HealthHub

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This post is about how to use the Childrens health feature found in Healthhub (Singapore), which is a recently released feature on HealthHub. This features provides the parent / guardian with information about the child online on topics such as

  1. Child Immunization

  2. Birth Information

  3. Growth Charts

  4. Milestones

Children Health, Where to start ?

1st download the app, and go to the home screen. At the hamburger bar on the top left hand side.

If you are in the healthhub, then click on “MYHEALTH | CHILDRENS HEALTH”

The screen below is the mobile HealthHub Screen, but the web is quite close.

HealtHHub Home Screen

The Children Health Section

Here is a screenshot of the Children Health Section after you have click on it, and scrolled to down to the section that is entitled “Children’s Health”.

The childrens health section has the following sub-sections

  1. Child Immunization

  2. Birth Information

  3. Growth Charts

  4. Milestones

Once you enter this screen, you can add your children.

The screenshot below of the MYHEALTH | CHILDRENS Section

How to use Child Immunization Records Feature

This section shows the child immunization / vaccinations from the National Immunisation Registry (NIR).

It provides a list of all the Immunisation / Vaccinations that the child has received.

How to use the Birth Information feature

This section provides you with the opportunity to enter in information about the child such as duration of gestation, weight at Birth, Length at Birth and Head Circumference.

Birth Information

How to use the Growth Charts Feature

In this section, you can now enter in your child details such as the head circumference, Height and Weight and BMI.

The Application will provide you with growth statistics based on normal ranges and interesting and useful information such as developmental milestones.

Below is the home screen for Growth Charts

the banding lines on the screen gives you an idea, on where you child stands in the overall averages in Singapore.

How to use the Milestone Feature ?

in this feature, the key developmental milestones are listed out for the parent to easily ready and learn about their child.

below is the screenshot of the Milestone home screen.

Child Immunization Records

Below is the screenshot for a childs’ Milestone development in Month 1.

Below is the screenshot when you click on “Yes”, useful information is provided by clicking on the learn more function.

to help you search for Milestones information, the content is categorized into several categories such as personal social, fine motor-adaptive, language, gross motor and age.

Show below is a screenshot of this categorization.

How to use the Notification feature

In addition, you will get notification with useful information based on your child age, when you sign up for this services.

Here is an example of the Notification Screenshot


And an example of the content when click thru of the notification message


Credits & Related

Credits: HPB (Health Promotion Board) Credits: HealthHub Singapore National Health Portal

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