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How to use HealthHub Caregiver Service to grant access to my Health Records

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

How to use HealthHub Caregiver Service to grant access to my Health Records online

Are You a Caregiver in Singapore ?

You are a caregiver, if you care or support an elderly person who is may be frail, sickly or homebound person. In addition this person may require long term care for 1 or more common chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension among others.

As a result, your care recipient may require assistance in daily living activities, such as bathing, feeding, toileting, transfers and walking. Providing long term care, is often an arduous activity due to the resources required and the nature of tasks involved in care provision.

HealthHub in Singapore a (National Digital Health Portal) has now launched a new service to help the Caregiver cope with the challenges of caregiving by providing a wide range of digital health services

  1. Access Your Health Records such as Discharge Informatio, Health Screenings, Immunisation/Vaccinations, Lab Test Results and Vitals.

  2. Check your Test Results

  3. View Your Appointments

In the Directory Section You can also

  1. View certified doctors in Singapore

  2. View nurses in Singapore

  3. Locate Eldercare services.

The Caregiver Service Introduction Video

Why do you need this service ?

This new digital health service is introduced to help your caregiver, (family member, next-of-kin or friend) with convenient access to your health records and therefore help them better manage your health with you.

Who can use this ?

This service is available to all Singaporeans or Permanent Residents aged 21 years old and older.

How to use it ?


The user (Care Receiver) must grant access to the potential Care Giver 1st), once that happens, the user will receive an e-mail notification that he/she has been nominated for this service.

After which the Care Giver has to login and accept the role that has been granted, before the data can be seen.

Giving Access to Health Records to my Caregiver

The 1st thing you need to do as a Care Recipient is to start the HealthHub app (IOS, Android) or go to the HealthHub web site. And you should see this starting screen below

HealthHub Home Page screenshot

Family & Friends Health & Granting Access to Your Health Records

Now Click on the myHealth Button near the bottom, and click on the Grant Access to Your Health Records. on the screen shot below.

HealthHub Family and Friends Health Grant Access to Your Health Records screenshot

Login to Singpass for access.

Now login using your singpass in the screenshot below.

HealthHub Singpass Login screenshot

Select My Caregivers function

Upon successful login, you will now be able to select the My Caregivers function to proceed in the screenshot below.

Select MyCaregivers screenshot

List of existing Caregivers.

Shown below is an example of an existing list of caregivers

List of Caregivers screenshot

Adding a Caregiver

Adding a care giver is a 2 step process

  1. Step 1. Verify the NRIC

  2. Step 2. Providing the Caregiver details and specifying the information to be shared

Step 1 Verify Caregiver NRIC screenshot

Step 2 Caregivers screenshot

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can decide what kind of information is shared with your caregiver.

E-Mail Notification

Your potential Caregiver should receive an e-mail similar to the one shown below.

Consent Notification screenshot

Getting Access as a Caregiver to Your Care Receivers Health Records

Getting Started as a Caregiver on HealthHub

For your CareGiver to be able to view your Health Records. they must login and accept the new role, as per the screenshots below.

Logon Family Friends screenshot

Add a Family or Friend

Family Friend Health Add screenshot

Verify the Family / Friend

Verify Family screenshot

Add a Profile Picture

Add Family/Friend Profile screenshot

Care Receiver Details screenshots

Care Receiver Results screenshot

Care Receiver Screening Results

Screening Results screenshot

Care Receiver Lab Test Results

Lab Test Results Screenshot

Care Receiver Vitals

Vitals Screenshot

So there you have it, how to use the HealthHub Caregiver Service !


If you know where the hard to find pokemon is, please help the rest of us in the comments section.


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