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How to Change Lives with Healthy Habits & Digital Health Technology

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This post describes my experience in working on changing lives to improve the lives our our citizens, by creating the healthy habits using digital health.

In this new trend of health and technology convergence, (3rd wave of digital health), we now have the capability to go beyond the transaction nature of IT, (Such as EMR (electronic health records).

The new trends extends the benefits of the (IOT) Internet of Things to bring personalisation of health thru companies such as Fitbit, to the citizen.

How can we tap this technology on the personalisation front ? and how can we change lives for the better with this new tech ? Lets find out.

The Outcome

As technology progresses, the technology has begun to address the personalisation of health information. In broad terms, pre 2015, a large % of all projects are oriented around better information processing around the clinical system.

Starting around the 2014 timeframe, as the dominance of social media and content began to filter into the health bubble, the health industry has taken notice and created and created large government health portal that wrap content around the e-services to establish its foot print on the internet, with authoritative & clear content.

In the latest development, technology, IOT (personalisation) and behavioral economics have merged to create habit changers with Digital Health tech.

Healthy Habit Digital Model

Lets address the basic questions

  1. What would be the target audience be

  2. What potential healthy habits would we target and

  3. how can we use Digital Health to create and re-enforce those habits

Identify Target Groups

Identify Healthy Habits

Some of the key healthy habits with evidence based findings are

  1. become Physically Active

  2. Eat Healthy

  3. Develop Mental Resilience

  4. and to Stop Smoking

Model for Healthy Habits

To achieve the goal of developing the 4 key healthy habits, I would propose adopting a 4 step model

4 Step Digital Health Habit Creation Model

  1. Activate : To activate the citizen to participate

  2. Engage : To continue the citizens journey with activities.

  3. Re-Enforce : Provide a virtuous loop of re-enforcement to form the good habits

  4. Improve : To measure the progress and thus improve self performance.

Download the Slides @ Slideshare

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