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How did a simple arrow can make you eat more Healthy Fresh Food ?

How did a simple arrow can make you eat more Healthy Fresh Food ?


How does a surprised legendary rock star, the dynamics of popularity, and an example of a grocery store with simple nudges create a healthier outcome.

How can Social Dynamics make you into a Rock Star Unknowingly ?

In the 2012 documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”, a failed detroit singer by the unusual name of Sixto Rodiguez released 2 music albums that was flopped by most measures. As a result, he was dropped and he worked as a demolition man.

However, he became a legendary star in South Africa, without knowing it. Eventually his fans thought he died and went to find out the truth. Which surprised Sixto and his fans, that he was a success.

How does Popular Become Popular ?

The question posed for this research is as follows, “Would the initial numbers matter to where songs would ultimately end up on the researchers’ hit parade? ”

Multiple Choice Quiz Here

Question : Did the popularity of the song depend on

a. on the quality ? b. on the singer ? c. on the type of music ? d. none of the above ? e. All of the above ?

A1. The answer is e. none of the above, it depended on what the 1st visitors liked 1st.

This is an astounding result, that social influence can change the perception and create popular hits un-predictably.

This confirms what we know intuitively that our friends and our environment impact our decisions for better or for worse.

How can a Digital nudge move you to eat more Fresh Food ?

Suppose we take that idea further and introduce an element of social support. where your team cheers you on for eating healthy. This would introduce a positive loop to eat healthy.


Can you nudge your child into eating their hated vegetables ?

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