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HealthHub Singapore Dec 2016 Release New Features

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

December 2016 release HealthHub releases new functionality.

Deals Section

Healthhub now displays deals on the production web site, in addition to the mobile app. Although it is a view only. In addition, the healthpoints earned now, do not expire.

This can be found at HealthHub Deal Section

Shown below are the screen shots of a deal found on the website now.

Deals Details on HealthHub Website Main screen.

Deals Details on HealthHub Website

Content Category

  1. In the A-Z Section, there are now 2 additional sections

  2. There is the Medications Section

  3. and the Health Statistics Section

Shown here is the A-Z Section

A-Z Main Page

The circled areas are the 2 new functions found.

A-Z Main Page Footer

Show here is a list of Medication

A-Z Medications

A-Z Medications Article

Shown here is a list of Health Statistics on Singapore

A-Z Health Statistics Main

A-Z Health Statistics Article

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