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Frost and Sullivan Compares 6 Major Health Portals around the World

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This new paper from Frost and Sullivan compares 6 of the major health portals around the world.

The paper reviews the Portal based on Inputs such as Information and Service, System Quality, Marketing Efforts and the Output on User Impact and User Satisfaction.

The paper reviews over 31 portals around the world, before shortlisting to the just 6 portals

The final 6 portals reviewed and compared are

  1. Denmark :

  2. United Kingdom : NHS Choices

  3. Sweden : 1177

  4. Singapore HealthHub

  5. China : WeDoctor (Formerly known as Guahao)

  6. USA : Webmd

Here is a comparison of the 6 Health Portal around the world

Evaluation Framework for the Digital Health Portals


  1. Information and Service Offerings

  2. System Quality

  3. Launch Marketing Efforts


  1. User Impact

  2. User Satisfaction

Credit Frost and Sullivan

Digital Health Portal Evaluation Methodology (Source Frost and Sullivan)

Information and Service Offerings

All digital health portal have these 3 categories of digital health portals to provide the necessary e-services to the users.

Consumer Health information

provision of Health Information such as

  1. Rewards and Deals

  2. Live chats

  3. Health Risk Assessment & Monitoring

  4. Community Forums

  5. Medical & Lifestyle Directories / Events

  6. Doctors Reviews

  7. Articles to Promote Health

Healthcare Administration

facilitate access to a healthcare professionals, such as

  1. Electronic Health Records

  2. Referrals

  3. e-Prescription

  4. Appointment Manager

  5. Application for Medical Insurance

  6. Online Health Payment


remote access to a healthcare resources, such as

  1. Telemedicine

  2. Remote Patient Monitoring

System Quality

According to Frost and Sullivan, System quality is about how user experience and is evaluated on these points below.

  1. Attractiveness of Site Interface Ease of Navigation

  2. Sophistication of Search Feature

  3. Availability of Access Platforms

  4. Privacy & Data Security

Marketing Efforts

This section in the Frost and Sullivan paper evaluates the portals outreach and its effectiveness in reaching its target audience.

  1. National Media Coverage

  2. Seasonal Health Campaigns

  3. Social Media Outreach

  4. World of Mouth Influence

  5. Referrals and Endorsements from Organizations

  6. Rewards and Deals

Useful Sites

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  2. Read More about the Best Practices Award from Frost and Sullivan

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