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Best Char Siew (Smoked & Crispy Edges) at Old Airport Road ?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The world best char siew in Singapore at Old Airport Hawker Center ?. Yes, its called Roast Paradise. This char siew is absolutely delicious, tender, crispy, caramelized with smoked blackened edges, when you bite its smoky flavor rolls around the tongue for a superb full rounded taste. They serve Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (KL) Style char siew which is slowly roasted.

My colleagues was very very very lucky tp get the last plate at 1.30 pm, and on another occasion, I had to pre-order our food , while I watched it dis-appear rapidly of the hooks, while waiting.

Screenshot of the Queue below

The queue is quite long each time, i went there, but it was quickly shortened.

An Interesting Story of a Startup.

Roast Paradise was started by 2 young pals, who did not want to continue working in an events company into the early hours in the morning. And so kai went to KL to learn for 4 months how to cook the char siew slowly learning from a burmese and a china cook, on how to achieve perfection.

Here is a picture below of the roast pork

Sold out by 2 PM

Look at that delicious marinated meat, I do realize that it looks somewhat sparse, but its because it usually sells out by 1.30 pm to 2 pm.

Here is a picture of the marinated char siew

The famous hakka noodles and the char siew rice

Here is a shot of the fantastic char siew. By the way Randall did say that the best char siew was served on the weekends due to the supply timing.

Here a shot of the hakka noodles

The address

Roast Paradise, STall #01-122 Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore

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