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Beautiful & Best, Awesome Vanilla Milkshake at Benjamin Browns

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In search of the latest MMMMM ! Beautiful & Best, Awesome Vanilla Milkshake in Singapore. It comes with Candy floss, Durian Wafer, Those swirly button biscuits, rimmed with sprinkles and nutella and finally the thick vanila milkshake.

Just another Monday, and time to hit the road with my fellow Food Explorer hotmamadev. We hit the car, and then it was decision time, what do we eat ? And this over the top milkshake came to mind at Benjamins.

Found out its at Forum, which I have not been too in ages.

Once we got there, we started walking around looking for an ice cream palor, sort of like baskin robbins. Then we found it, lo and behold, it sure a pretty sight.

Went straight in, got a seat for 2. and looked at the menu, which is somehow nicely crinkled.

So decided to settle on the following for lunch

1. Croissant with scrambled eggs and mushrooms 2. Beef Cubes in a sizzling hot plate and 3. The Super Over the top Milkshake

Here is the magnificent Crossiant. It tasted buttery, fluffy, better then the french croissants I must say. This was better then the beef cubes.

Here is the beef cubes. Which was pretty good, nicely flavored, sizzling, just mouth watering in front of you.

And here is the MMMMM ! Beautiful, Awesome Vanilla Milkshake. Just look at the awesome shake, must be at least 1,000 calories. 🙂

Just a beautiful and lovely design, not overly sweet, with all that sugar, still amazingly good to the last drop.

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