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Access your personal health records online – HealthHub

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

How do I access and print your own personal health records online ? You will how to do this in this post. With HealthHub your health and medical records are pulled from the public health system online. However you must be a Singapore or a PR.

What kind of health records can your access ?

Here is the list

  1. Immunization Records

  2. Lab Test Results

  3. Screening

  4. Discharge Summary

  5. Track Health Vitals

About Immunization Records

Only individuals aged 15 to 19 can view their records from the immunisation registry and the records are displayed for children from 1st Jan 1996.

About Lab Test Results

If you are above 15 years of age you can view your lab test results from the public hospitals.


if you have been screened in HPB (Health Promotion Board) you can view your records online.

  1. Chronic Diseases from the year 2008 are online

  2. Colo rectal from the year 2009 are online

  3. Breast Cancer from the year 2002 are online

  4. Cervical Cancer from the year 2004 are online

Hospital Discharge information

If you are 15 years and above you will be able to see your health records online.

Track Health Vitals

Your Health Vitals such as blood glucose, blood pressure and BMI who are enrolled in will be able to access their records thru healthhub.

How to login to access your health records online in Health Hub ?

Click on the MyHealth Button to login with Singpass


Screenshot at Myhealth page

Once you are logged in, select personal health and you should see the following screens.

The screenshot of the personal health page in

The screenshot of the your personal health records if any in

Where to download the mobile app ?

Additional Reading on Immunization / Vaccinations


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