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10,000 Steps Still FAT by eating a Log Cake

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

During this festive season, you can walk 10,000 steps a day and still get fat if you the wrong thing. An adult burns about 135 kcal a day, walking 3000-5000 steps, which means 1 log cake (1kg) is about 3700 calories, which is 150% of the daily allowance for men at 2,200 calories and 1,800 calories for women. (Source HPB)

A brief history of Log Cakes

The history of log cakes begin in medieval Europe when the Celtic Brits and the Gaelic Europeans would welcome the beginning of winter by burning logs decorated with holly, ivy, pinecones, wine and salt. the idea was to clear the air and to guard against evil. Overtime as civilization began to move into smaller houses and therefore smaller hearths, the tradition continued, but with smaller logs and then morphed into logged shaped sponge cakes

How many calories is 1 slice of the log cake ?

1 slice of log cake is about 300 calories, which is about 6844 steps in your daily quota of 10,000 steps.

Watch the Video on how many Steps it would take to walk off that slice of log cake below.

What activities are there to keep fit during this season ?

See this diagram below for Family spring cleaning activities (Source HPB)

Family Spring Cleaning

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